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A Colorful Conception

Just so we’re clear, I completely understand that if you are not using birth control and your’e having unprotected sex that you can get pregnant. Ha Ha! Although I did those things, I will still say that this pregnancy was quite a surprise for me for several reasons so let’s get into it in detail.


I had my IUD removed in the summer of 2019. We discussed trying for baby number two in 2020 and I thought I might need to give my body ample time to get back on it own natural rhythm. Well, SURPRISE!!! My body didn’t need that long.

Another timing concern was because of the state of my relationship at the time of conception. It was VERY rocky at the time of conception. Just imagine, you’re going through a lot with you spouse when BOOM, you’re pregnant! We all know babies don’t fix relationships or situations.

I’m a full time elementary school teacher so to have conceived so early in the school year was more than a challenge. I was and still am beyond tired all the time but the beginning was extremely hard. It took me a lot of time each morning to feel well enough to get out of bed and to get to school on time. On top of that my 6 year old drags his feet every single morning and I did not have the energy to help him stay motivated to get ready.


In the first 7-12 weeks of pregnancy I was extremely worried about my health and the health of the baby. Like I mentioned, the time of conception was an extremely stressful time in my life.

Feeling like you need to throw up in the morning but hardly ever doing it is rough. I had nausea in the mornings that made it hard to get out of bed. If I walked into school and smelled food being prepared for lunch it made me want to throw up. I also had nausea in the evenings after getting home from work. With teaching, blog work and my relationship being tested, I had zero energy and I really just wanted to stay home and cry most days. Of course, that was not an option for me.

Unlike my first pregnancy, I started with a host of digestion issues. This came as quite a surprise for me. I had severe bloating. It felt like within the week of me finding out I was pregnant, I was showing! It wasn’t actually the baby but my stomach was noticeably distended. On top of that I had some serious constipation kick in and it was awful. I’ve never wanted to poop more in my life. Ha ha ha! After getting on a consistent pear and prune juice regimen, it helped so much.

My breasts are massive and they hurt. It feels like some one gave me implants that I didn’t want and that are way too big. They will only get bigger ya’ll, pray for me!

I get pretty personal on Instagram but I hardly ever get this personal in longer blog posts but I can’t lie, it felt good to do it and I’ll do it more often. I don’t believe in TMI if you’re sharing for the right reasons so let me know what else you’d like to see here.

Enjoy Color Bees!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Zoo Boo – Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a great place to visit for Fall fun in October. The entire zoo is covered in Fall decor and there is a ton of fun games and activities for everyone to enjoy. The zoo staff organized Zoo Boo down to the very last detail and it shows. This post will give all of the best tips to enjoy your Zoo Boo experience.

Tip 1- Get there early!

We arrived at the zoo around 10:30 am on Saturday only to drive around the parking area for at least 20 minutes. We had to wait, look, and stalk people as they walked out to find parking. (Ha ha) It was not fun and right before we found a spot I was considered leaving. The good news is that parking was the only thing that was tough during Zoo Boo.

Tip 2- Be flexible!

When we go to the zoo during other parts of the year, the focus is on seeing the animals. I was surprised how my son’s interest changed while at Zoo Boo. He was more interested in going to each of the candy corners for trick or treating, playing the games, and people watching. He loved to just sit for a few minutes and check out costumes of the other children. I did encourage him to look at the animals but he honestly wasn’t interested. Be ready to let your child roam free!

Tip 3- Move slowly and take a lot of breaks.

The kids and possibly you will be wearing costumes that are hot and have to constantly be adjusted. Grant drank a ton of water and asked to stop at times just to sit on a bench. Listen to how everyone is feeling and stay hydrated. Our longest break was for lunch and it was well deserved. You are free to pack a picnic but we went to the Cypress Circle Cafe for pizza and it was so delicious!

Knowing that there would be candy passed out made me a bit nervous. We don’t eat a lot of candy so I didn’t want my 4 year old to be over powered by mountains of candy. Luckily the candy stations were organized so that each time you visit a station the volunteers stamp your map and give out 2-3 pieces of candy. It was comforting to know that he would only receive 12-15 pieces that day. It helps to teach our kiddos about moderation even at a celebratory time.

We had so much fun and will probably go again before the event ends. Zoo Boo is an amazing family event that I recommend for everyone! Enjoy!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Stamps in cool colors!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Decorative pumpkins everywhere!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Fall decor!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Hermann Park Train ride!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Decorating his mini pumpkin!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Grant enjoying the puppet show of “talking pumpkins”.

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Golf, tic-tac-toe, bean bag toss, and more games for the children to play!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

DJ booth, Jump ropes, hula hoops, and bouncy ball for the kids to enjoy!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Giant coloring book.

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houstonhalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houstonhalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston, personal pepperoni pizzahalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houstonhalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston, tigerhalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houstonhalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston, fall decor ideashalloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers

Water Safety with Wolfies Swim School 

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Grant Learning swim form.

Thank you Wolfies Swim School for partnering with me to bring this post to my followers!  ​

It’s time! My baby boy is 4 years old and he needs to learn how to swim. Not only will it be a confidence booster for Grant but knowing how to be safe in the water could potentially save his life. Statistically children 1-4 are at the highest risk of drowning and like most parents, I don’t want to put my child at risk by not arming him with skills and knowledge.

Wolfies Swim School began in Houston’s Meyerland neighborhood in 2005 and through amazing customer service and quality instruction grew to the Bellaire & West University locations.Wolfies provides swim lessons for children and adults and is the best in the business.

When I signed Grant up for Wolfies the process was really easy! The Wolfies staff walked me through the entire process and even called to check on us as Grant’s lessons progressed. One of the best things about signing up for Wolfies was that they asked me what MY swim goal were for Grant. We signed up for a week of everyday lessons and four weeks of weekly lessons as a way to immerse him and give him several opportunities to get comfortable with being in the water.  As a mom I wondered how Grant would react to swim lessons simply because he is fearful of water. Even at bath time if water would get on his face or ears I could tell that he didn’t like it immediately.

I have to say that on the first day there were some tears and fear but by the second day he was a willing little swimmer. Grant went from not wanting to put his face or ears in the water to asking if he could jump in the pool! I see Grant progressing towards the goals that I’d hoped he would accomplish already. In his first week, Grant began blowing bubbles, being more comfortable with putting his face and ears on the water, climbing out of the pool, and pushing off the platform with his feet. WHat I love most is that Wolfies is helping Grant to be safe in the water. The Wolfies teachers are so calm and relaxed with the children. They push the children within their comfort zones. The small class sizes, fun teachers, and amazing instruction is just what our family needed. We still have more lessons to go and I can already say, we are Wolfies for life!

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Proud moment after blowing bubbles.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

On the first day of swim school, Grant was very hesitant to put his face in the water.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

The first time Grant blew bubbles.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Wolfies has fun toys for little swimmers.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Grant and Mr. Kenta working on arm motions.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Each time Grant blew bubbles he was so proud of himself.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

The first time Grant was fully submerged! Success!

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Fun with his swim mates!

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Small class sizes.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Learning water safety skills like getting himself out of the water.

Best Houston Swim School, Wolfies Swim School, Little swimmers, learning to swim

Working on kicking his legs.

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a blur! I was beyond busy with blogging and things around the house but all-in-all in was GREAT!! I met so many new people, had tons of fun, worked with amazing designers and photographers on photo shoots and even finished OITNB (Orange Is The New Black). Side Note: I can’t believe I have to wait another year for a new season. I’m more than sad about that!

All of my activities started Wednesday with hosting a private preview party at Mod Chic Boutique in Rice Village. I also hosted the Summer Garden Tea Party event at Mod Chic Boutique on Saturday. There is nothing like seeing peoples eyes light up when they lay their eyes on a garment that they know is perfect for them.

Sunday was soooo eventful! I started by attending the Brown Bloggers Brunch at Sweet Paris in City Center. The food was yummy and the company was amazing. Right after that, I traveled a few minutes away to the monthly Houston Bloggers Union meeting. There Elly, Jillian, and Jaclyn discussed ways to discover your value and monetize your blog. They were hilarious to listen to but more than that, they were honest in lending a hand to up and coming bloggers.

Lastly I was able to be a part of Designer Natalie Harris’s Damsel White Label Renegade Shoot Out. Natalie provided her out-of-the-box wedding gowns and models, while vendors brought in bouquets, flower crowns, and almost any prop you could imagine. Photographers were free to style their own shoots by selecting the gowns, models, etc.

When I finally got home I was truly exhausted but I honestly don’t regret one minute of it! Cheers to busy weekends, Enjoy the recap!


Mel’s Modern Caillgraphy

I first met Mel when she came aboard at our school as a second grade teacher. Like many teachers she is multifaceted and crazy talented. It only took knowing her for a short while to realize this. As the school year started I saw her classroom come together beautifully. I could not help but notice all the unique hand lettering  and calligraphy. Of course I went to ask where she had found such cool things for her room and her response was, “I made them”. My mind was pretty blown at that point. I later found out that she held a job while she attended college that allowed her to create cool custom stationary that helped her to nourish her creativity.

Not long ago Mel decided it was time for her to start her own business and named it “Three M Designs” (Melodie Marie Musgrove). She later changed the name to a much sweeter one to avoid any confusion with other companies with similar names. Her design company is now called “Maggie Elaine Designs” after her beloved weimaraner Maggie and her favorite character from the tv show Seinfield.

When Mel invited me to her home to take these photos I was even smitten with her living and work space. It is so vibrant and indicative of her talent as well as her artistic abilities. Every element and piece is carefully selected and in its right place. Her dining/work table is covered in butcher paper to protect it from craft materials and one small chalk board at the entry way allowed me to feel welcome and ready to create as soon as I walked in. The two stars of Mel’s home include a custom 5’by 6′ canvas piece hung carefully on the wall that says ” If you love what you have, you have everything you need ” and an original 1970’s sofa gifted to her by her grand parents. The sofa is adorned with bright floral prints and is built to last just like the special bond she shares with her family.

When I asked Mel what the future holds for Maggie Elaine Designs she said, “To continue to give her customers special stationary made from the heart”. As she continues on her path as an educator and future principal she will continue to design one of a kind creations. Check out Maggie Elaine Designs on Etsy for custom graphic lettering and stationary. Nourish your creativity. Enjoy!