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How to Make a TeePee

Once I was sure about the direction I wanted to go in for Grant’s room, I started organizing my projects. Up first on the list was this DIY play teepee. I wanted something unique and whimsical in his room that would give him a place to read or just hide out. Most of the teepee’s for sale in various places either cost more than I wanted to pay ($60-$100) or were way too large for the space. Since I was working with a limited amount of space, I knew it would have to be smaller than the teepee’s I researched online. I gathered my materials mostly from Home Depot and Hobby Lobby and took a full day to knock it out. (Just so we are clear, a full day in this case included a late start, a two hour lunch break, a nap and two glasses of wine) 🙂

This teepee is easy to make, fun, unique and can be easily moved to other rooms or even outside with out falling apart. There is no right or wrong way to put this together. Just try your best to make it sturdy. This is definitely a DIY you’ll want to try. (Steps are detailed on each photo for easy reading) Enjoy!



  1. 1 inch pvc pipes (4) $16
  2. 2 yards of plain yellow fabric $10
  3. 1 yard of Tribal patterned fabric $5
  4. Yellow Poly Rope
  5. Drill
  6. Hot glue gun/spray adhesive/needle and thread (just one of these)
  7. Pins (for draping)




ArtOnIt Makeup By Sergio Escalona


The man behind the make up, Sergio Escalona, a brilliant free spirit with a plethora of ideas. The first time I visited L’atelier De ArtOnIt is was full of supporters as Sergio and artist Elizabeth Hinson Wolever launched the Winter 2015|Spring 2016 collection. This time around I was able to get them all to myself for great conversation and an “outside of the box” personalized makeup session with Sergio. I adore how Elizabeth got her inspiration to design the Les Chats de Ballet Noel compact. Check it out❤️

The Story: Most of my inspiration for “Les Chats de Ballet Noel” comes from memories of my childhood. Ever since the first time I watched professional ballerinas dance in The Nutcracker, I wanted to do the same. I fell in love with the music, magical scenery, and costumes. My best friend and I auditioned with the Houston Ballet Academy as young children, and were both accepted. After auditioning for The Nutcracker and not making it, I was disappointed, but quickly got over it and turned my energy toward art and music. I still love ballet, and have a huge nutcracker collection, but art is now my true passion! The holidays always remind me of wanting to be in the Nutcracker as a child, and the music reminds me of practicing in the ballet studio with my dear best friend. Last holiday season I created “Les Chats de Ballet Noel” as I was listening to music from The Nutcracker. Of course I had to make the main subject my cat character, inspired by my cat Einstein, and I’m supposed to be the cat in the middle that is turning the wrong direction! Meow! ~EHW

Located at 3000 Sage near the Galleria, L’atelier De ArtOnIt is a beautiful, bright, clean, inviting space. Quite frankly it was hard to leave. It would have been so easy to hang around there all day. Sergio even showed us an awesome painting that he has been working on. If I’m working creatively on something, having the right space, light, and energy makes or breaks my level of productivity. It’s no wonder that Sergio can create amazing makeup looks and paintings there.

We decided on doing a dual look to play around with both palettes that Elizabeth selected and designed. It was a fun idea that enabled us to see the color combinations and possibilities of both palettes. Plus, how often do you get to have two different looks on your face. Lol So many people asked me questions, gave me smiles, and great feedback on both looks as I went about my day as “two face”. Check out all the fun we had! Enjoy!



OOTD | Olive+Stripes

This OOTD includes two of my all-time must haves: Black and white horizontal stripes and COMFORT! Black and white will forever and always be classic and chic. Comfort for me is nonnegotiable. There is nothing worse than putting on a garment then having to pull and tug at it. The entire time you are in something less than comfy, you’re wondering if it still looks right and probably can’t wait to take it off. It’s best to just avoid uncomfortable garments to begin with.

I adore this olive thermal midi length skirt because it makes wearing a skirt when it’s 30-40 degrees outside more cozy. Pair it with a brown/black over the knee boot and you’ll be warm all day. Top it off with another classic piece (moto jacket) and you’re ready to run out of the house. I’m all about quick,easy, and fuss free clothing and this was super easy to put together. Enjoy!



Shirt- Target

Skirt- Forever 21

Boots- Guess

Creative Minds

It’s finally beginning and I’m beyond excited about it! My new creative minds series is being kicked of by one of the most entertaining and authentic people I know! My sister and travel contributor for is amazing and you’re going to love her!

If you would like to know more about what this new series entails check out this link for a more detailed description. New Series Coming to A+B in January 2016:Creative Minds