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Sandal Guide with Cole Haan

Warmer weather is here! It’s time for spring break, summer vacations and outdoor events. Of course we will be doing these things and style and comfort. I am so excited to partner with Cole Haan to bring you a sandal guide for all of your warm weather destinations.

I selected a mix of classic colors and styles to go with my very colorful wardrobe. My first selection is the Cloudfeel espadrille sandal. They are brown and snake print with a comfy strap on the back. They are so comfortable and I tested it out while I walked all around Isla Mujeres, Mexico. My very pregnant feet were so comfortable the entire time. 

My second pair for this round up is a pair of ZERØGRAND Global Double Band Sandal in silver metallic. Not only are these sandals super stylish and flat for lots of moving around, the foam bottom makes you literally feel like you’re walking on air. 

For much fancier events, I selected another silver metallic heel to pair with my pretty dresses. The Avani City Sandal features a padded sock lining and our luxuriously cushioned GRANDFØAM for comfort you can wear for extended times. 

Taking them on vacation with me was a great fashion choice and my feet were happy!! I also must say, each pair handles beaches and sandy destinations very well. Enjoy Color Bees!

Color Blocking with Cole Haan

I’m excited to be partnering with Cole Haan to share some of my favorites from their new Grand Ambition collection! 

The color ways, styles, and textures of this collection make it really easy to love. As the self proclaimed queen of color I was immediately drawn to the pops of pinks, fuchsia and red in the collection. Of course, my favorites are also available in neutral colors for my Color Bees who want both! 

Very soon I will have to upgrade my cute little purses to a diaper bag so I’m taking every opportunity I can before then to carry a beautiful, well crafted, mini bag. This super pink bag just gives me all of the spring feels. 

So many can agree that platforms tend to be super comfy shoes so as an expecting mama that takes her comfort and style seriously, these were a no brainer. The Grand Ambition Flatform Sandal can be paired with so many different looks and get a pop of red, fuchsia and white in one shoe. Need I say more?

Enjoy Color Bees! 

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A Colorful Conception

Just so we’re clear, I completely understand that if you are not using birth control and your’e having unprotected sex that you can get pregnant. Ha Ha! Although I did those things, I will still say that this pregnancy was quite a surprise for me for several reasons so let’s get into it in detail.


I had my IUD removed in the summer of 2019. We discussed trying for baby number two in 2020 and I thought I might need to give my body ample time to get back on it own natural rhythm. Well, SURPRISE!!! My body didn’t need that long.

Another timing concern was because of the state of my relationship at the time of conception. It was VERY rocky at the time of conception. Just imagine, you’re going through a lot with you spouse when BOOM, you’re pregnant! We all know babies don’t fix relationships or situations.

I’m a full time elementary school teacher so to have conceived so early in the school year was more than a challenge. I was and still am beyond tired all the time but the beginning was extremely hard. It took me a lot of time each morning to feel well enough to get out of bed and to get to school on time. On top of that my 6 year old drags his feet every single morning and I did not have the energy to help him stay motivated to get ready.


In the first 7-12 weeks of pregnancy I was extremely worried about my health and the health of the baby. Like I mentioned, the time of conception was an extremely stressful time in my life.

Feeling like you need to throw up in the morning but hardly ever doing it is rough. I had nausea in the mornings that made it hard to get out of bed. If I walked into school and smelled food being prepared for lunch it made me want to throw up. I also had nausea in the evenings after getting home from work. With teaching, blog work and my relationship being tested, I had zero energy and I really just wanted to stay home and cry most days. Of course, that was not an option for me.

Unlike my first pregnancy, I started with a host of digestion issues. This came as quite a surprise for me. I had severe bloating. It felt like within the week of me finding out I was pregnant, I was showing! It wasn’t actually the baby but my stomach was noticeably distended. On top of that I had some serious constipation kick in and it was awful. I’ve never wanted to poop more in my life. Ha ha ha! After getting on a consistent pear and prune juice regimen, it helped so much.

My breasts are massive and they hurt. It feels like some one gave me implants that I didn’t want and that are way too big. They will only get bigger ya’ll, pray for me!

I get pretty personal on Instagram but I hardly ever get this personal in longer blog posts but I can’t lie, it felt good to do it and I’ll do it more often. I don’t believe in TMI if you’re sharing for the right reasons so let me know what else you’d like to see here.

Enjoy Color Bees!

River Oaks Shopping Center for Holiday Shopping

This holiday season, I’m hanging out at River Oaks Shopping Center to do some shopping for myself and for my family. One of my favorite things about this center is that it’s very beautiful year-round, so you can visit now for your last minute holiday shopping or after the holidays and have the same great experience!

I also always find amazing fashions while I’m shopping at River Oaks Shopping Center, and boy was I happy with my JMclaughlin selections this trip! Tweed pieces are so in for the holidays and winter months. I found this one and fell in love! It has a holiday feel but will also work beautifully all winter long. I’m always thinking about fresh ways to style classic pieces soI decided to style this coat as a cute dress. So many beautiful colors and the subtle fringe made it the perfect candidate for this type of styling. Pairing the outfit with a pair of white, pointy toe boots adds a great pop!

If you’re venturing out to finish up some holiday shopping, be sure to check out JMcglaughlin. You’ll find amazing pieces for yourself and great gifts for family too. I also grabbed some festive socks and boxers for my husband! But, if you’re needing a little holiday gift inspo to finish your shopping, check out this gift guide with great ideas for everyone on your list. 

Enjoy Color Bees!

North Face for Winter Vacation

When my little family decided to take a Winter vacation to Denver, Colorado I knew I had to get my hands on the perfect North Face gear to take along with me!

I’m a city girl that loves fashion so I wanted to tackle the great outdoors in style. This look that I got from The North Face was just perfect for the snowy adventure in Colorado. My hands are always so cold so I wanted a great pair of fleece gloves that would allow me to still use my cell phone without taking then off. These Gore Close fit Fleece gloves were perfect. I knew I would be having fun in the snow so I got a pair of durable ankle pants that repels water. 

I was so warm in my pullover that I didn’t need to wear my down parka while I played in the snow. My pullover sweatshirt kept me so warm. I couldn’t have picked better gear for my day out! 

Enjoy Color Bees!